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This is how to take care of a CNG car in summer, then these problems will not come, How to Maintain CNG Car

How to Maintain CNG Car : This is how to take care of a CNG car in summer, then these problems will not come, know the important tips

How to Maintain CNG Car

Summer has started in India and the temperature is skyrocketing in many cities. The highest temperature is seen during the day and in some places it has even crossed 40 degrees. In this case, it is very important to take care of your CNG car while going out in the sun. Let us know how you can take care of your CNG car in the summer season.

How to Maintain CNG Car in Summer?

1. Do not park the car in the sun

In summer, there is intense sunshine, so if the car is parked under the open sky, it gets hot like fire in a few minutes. If you have to park the car for a long time, avoid parking it in the sun. You can choose a shady place to park the car or you can use the parking space available for a fee.

2. Do not fill the full tank with CNG

Due to high temperatures in summer, CNG expands, which increases the pressure on the tank. Try not to have a CNG full tank. For example, if the capacity of the CNG tank in your car is 10-liter, then fill it with 8-liter CNG only. This will give full space for CNG to spread in the summer. Don’t worry if you run out of CNG, you have the option to switch from CNG to petrol.

3. Check for leakage in the cylinder

Leakage in CNG cylinders can be dangerous. A CNG cylinder needs hydro-testing once every three years. This shows if there is any leakage or dent in the cylinder. This test also shows the ability of the CNG cylinder to withstand pressure. If the CNG cylinder of the car is old and rusty, replace it without delay.

4. Only buy CNG kits from authorized dealers

If you are thinking of installing a CNG kit in your car then you should get it from an authorized dealer. If you are getting a CNG kit from a local dealer, be sure to check the warranty of the kit. Nowadays many companies are offering factory-fitted CNG kits in their cars that have good fitting and also get a longer warranty.

5. Check the expiry date

Be sure to check the expiration of the CNG cylinder. If the CNG kit is about to expire, replace it without delay. The CNG kit of a car usually has an expiry of 15 years. If there is no leakage in the kit then it can last for a few more years. However, it is best to install a new kit before the expiration date expires.

why not to sit in car while filling cng?

Chances of getting fired in CNG Tank increases. So Always try to come out while filling cng tank.

which is best time to fill cng in car?

Moring is Best time to fill Up CNG Car. Because Temperature Becomes low and Quality of Gas Comes Out.

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