Honda City HEV Review, Check Out Price Interior Safety features Engine & Exterior Look

Honda City E Review of HEV, Check Out Price Interior Safety features Engine & Exterior Look

India has finally got a hybrid model of the car, which was introduced in the previous generation in markets like Japan and Southeast Asia. We’re riding it.

Honda City HEV
Honda City HEV

The best selling and very popular Honda City has sold over 850,000 cars in India in 5 generations since 1998. It remains the best car in the compact sedan segment and is still poised for new rules. Now comes the Honda City E: HEV – or Hybrid. Yes, India finally got the hybrid model of the car, which was introduced in the previous generation in markets like Japan and Southeast Asia.

Honda City HEV Design

Honda City E: The HEV is based on the ZX trim of most cars and there have been minor design changes compared to the petrol model. The car has been replaced with a new front grille and foglamp housing and a special blue badge for the hybrid. You also get a new pattern on the alloy wheels but the LED headlights are similar to the City ZX and look fabulous. The last part also has some changes including a diffuser and spoiler. The car has the same color options like the Honda City and it would be nice if the company could give the car a special color but it has not happened. Chrome is well used here and may differ on hybrid models.

Honda City HEV Interior Cabin

This is the most expensive ZX variant of the City. So you get a car full of features, but there are definitely some changes on the PHEV variant. The dual-tone ivory and black theme is new, while the seats retain their strong, comfortable feel. The new 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system is also new, it works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. But Japanese manufacturers still have some work to do to improve the graphics and interface.

The screen also has a display for a 360-degree camera view but the view is not clear. There is also a smart utility space with three round buttons with auto climate control, a USB charger, a 12V socket, and a sunroof where your smartphone will fit comfortably. The Honda City E: HEV lacks wireless charging, wireless Apple CarPlay, as well as wireless Android auto, and ventilated seats.

New City HEV Drive Experience

The car has 3 drive modes which are EV, Hybrid and only engine i.e. car can be driven in many ways. These modes change easily depending on the speed and need and you don’t have to do anything. Initially, the car runs on battery only and then you get the experience of a cool electric car. With a slight increase in speed, the car goes into hybrid mode and the engine starts working. At the same time, it also starts giving power to the battery so that there is life left in it.


Even in hybrid mode, the battery sends power to the motor which moves the car forward. The engine still does not give power to the wheels. At low speeds, the car travels between EV and hybrid modes and keeps the battery-powered. Yes at high speeds it only starts running on the engine which sends power to the straight wheels. You can see the mode of operation of the car through the penny-designed instrument cluster, it is designed according to the city hybrid. The digital display gives a variety of information such as when the battery is being charged from the brake energy region when the engine is primarily giving power to the battery.

New Honda City HEV Mileage

For better mileage, the car is fitted with an Atkinson-cycle engine which offers more power than the regular i-VTEC. Our test car came with a full tank and was showing a range of about 700 km. We got a mileage of about 20 km per liter due to some heavy driving. But we believe that the 26.5 km/liter figure claimed here can be touched by driving efficiently.

The car also has an eco mode which tells you how economically efficient you are driving the car. It gives the best mileage in its segment and in terms of statistics the company is claiming 26.5 km/liter. It surpasses Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Skoda Slavia, and Hyundai Varna whether it is petrol or diesel.

The City Hybrid is now also the most powerful offering in the segment and produces over 120 bhp. The in-car battery improves the experience and is clean – especially at high speeds. The eCVT also works well, although it would be nice to have paddle shifters to handle kickdowns. The car is not sporty but offers a lot of torque. Also, its handling and steering are commendable.

2022 Honda City HEV Safety Features

The City Hybrid has a long list of standard safety features. From 6 airbags to ISOFIX, or 3-point seatbelts for all passengers or traction controls are all standard. The car also gets a tire pressure system and Hill Start Assist. The car is also equipped with Level 2 ADAS technology and is seen for the first time in the compact sedan segment. So you get features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist, Collision Mitigation, and Active Lights and all are very useful. The company has always offered excellent crash protection, and according to it the tests it has performed point to excellent 5-star ratings.

Prices and splits

Given that the most expensive ZX CVT petrol is priced at Rs 15.03 lakh (ex-showroom), we think the hybrid is priced at Rs 17 to 18 lakh (ex-showroom)

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