6 Free Services at Petrol Pump! Is Air Filling in Petrol Pump Free & Check out petrol pump free services

Petrol Pump Free Services : At every petrol pump you can get these 6 facilities for free, how much have you availed so far?

Went to the petrol pump a thousand times. But after filling up with petrol or diesel, you may have paid for it and left. That’s what almost everyone does. But, many are not aware that 6 facilities are available at petrol pumps for free. Find out in the details.


6 facilities free at the petrol pump.
There is no need to pay a single rupee for this.
Every petrol pump should have these facilities

petrol pump free services
petrol pump free services

You may have been to a petrol pump hundreds of times to refuel, but how many people have bothered to find out about the facilities available there? Because some facilities are available at petrol pumps for free. No money is taken from him. You need to know what these facilities are.

Which is free services at petrol pump in India?

  1. Quality test

This facility is for those people. Who have doubts about fuel quality? If you can insist on a filter paper test for petrol or diesel at a petrol pump. Its special feature is that it is done without any charge. If you have any doubts about fuel, you can test it.

  1. First aid kit

Road accidents can happen anywhere. In the city or on the highway. If you are worried about helping the victim for first aid in the event of an accident in front of you, you can go to the nearest petrol pump and ask for a first aid kit. Petrol pumps must have a complete first aid kit.

  1. Emergency call

On this basis, you can also go to the petrol pump to make an emergency phone call. If you want to call the relatives of the person involved in the accident or who you want to call for help, you are offered a free call at the petrol pump.

  1. Toilet

The washroom problem always comes in front of you for any long journey. Finding a clean toilet on the go is a daunting task. So you can go to any petrol pump. Because this facility is free.

  1. Clean drinking water

Another essential facility is provided at the petrol pump. That is clean water. If you feel thirsty while traveling long distances, you can stop at any petrol pump and drink water. They can also fill bottled water.

  1. Free air

If you pay at a gas station to inflate your tires, you know nothing about it. At every gas station, you don’t have to pay a penny to inflate a tire. This service is absolutely free. It doesn’t matter if you fill up with petrol or not.

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