New 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Best Pickup Truck

The Toyota Tacoma is a top midsize pickup vehicle, but it’s not complacent. The 2024 Toyota Tacoma has a new look, interior, electronics, and, most notably, hybrid drivetrain. All about the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Engine & Power

2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid
2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid is a new model featuring a turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, 1.9-kWh battery pack, and 48-hp electric motor. Its 326 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque make it the most powerful Tacoma and one of the most powerful midsize trucks. While improving performance and towing, the hybrid system minimizes pollutants and fuel consumption.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid is offered in TRD Sport, TRD Off Road, Limited, TRD Pro, and the new Trailhunter trims. The hybrid system replaces the 278-hp, 265-lb-ft 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Positive of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid?

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid outperforms the gasoline-powered model in various ways.

The hybrid system adds approximately 50 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque to the Tacoma, improving acceleration, passing, and towing.

Toyota claims the hybrid technology boosts Tacoma fuel economy by 20%. We anticipate the V6’s 19 mpg city and 24 mpg highway EPA numbers to be far higher.

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The Tacoma’s hybrid powertrain minimises CO2 emissions and exhaust pollutants. At low speeds or while coasting, the Tacoma can operate on electric power alone, conserving fuel and decreasing noise.

Off-road performance: The hybrid system delivers fast torque, superior traction control, and smoother power delivery to the Tacoma. The hybrid system works with the four-wheel-drive, transfer case, locking differentials, and crawl control to handle any terrain.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid features?

Features like: A new external design with a bigger grille, LED headlights, reworked bumpers, fender flares, and wheel choices.

A redesigned interior with greater room, comfort, and technology, including a bigger touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, wireless charging, a digital instrument cluster, a head-up display, heated and ventilated seats, a panoramic sunroof, and more.

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A new Trailhunter grade with skid plates, tow hooks, all-terrain tyres, Bilstein shocks, rock rails, and snorkel. The unique i-Force MAX insignia separates the hybrid Tacoma from others.

Adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic alert, front collision warning, automated emergency braking, and more.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid release date in US?

US sales of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid are scheduled in late 2023 or early 2024. We anticipate it to cost more than V6-powered Tacomas.

When will the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid be available?

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid is expected to go on sale in late 2023 or early 2024 in the US market. The exact pricing and availability details are not yet announced, but we expect it to be slightly more expensive than the current V6-powered Tacomas.

How does the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid compare to its rivals?

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid faces some tough competition from other midsize trucks in the market, such as:

ModelEnginePowerTorqueFuel Economy
Ford Ranger Raptor3.0-liter twin-turbo V6405 hp430 lb-ftN/A
Chevrolet Colorado ZR23.6-liter V6308 hp275 lb-ft18/22 mpg
Nissan Frontier Pro-4X3.8-liter V6310 hp281 lb-ftN/A
Honda Ridgeline RTL-E3.5-liter V6280 hp262 lb-ft19/24 mpg

As you can see, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid has a crucial advantage over its rivals in terms of power and torque, and likely in terms of fuel economy as well. The only truck that comes close is the Ford Ranger Raptor, which is not yet available in the US market and may be more expensive than the Tacoma. The Tacoma also has a reputation for reliability, durability and resale value that is hard to beat.


The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid is a game-changer for the midsize truck segment, offering a combination of power, efficiency and capability that is unmatched by its competitors. The Tacoma also benefits from a new design, a new interior, a new off-road trim and a new hybrid badge that make it more attractive and modern than ever. If you are looking for a versatile, comfortable and powerful truck that can handle any road or trail, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid should be on your radar..

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