Here is Maruti Suzuki 6 New Upcoming SUV Cars Launch in 2022, ready to increase market share

maruti suzuki upcoming suv
maruti suzuki upcoming suv

Creta tensions to rise, Maruti to bring 6 new SUVs, maruti suzuki upcoming suv

maruti suzuki upcoming suv: Maruti Suzuki is going to increase the tension of Creta. The company is preparing to launch 6 new SUVs. With the market share of the company declining, the company will now work in a new way and will launch a new car, find out the details.


Maruti to launch 6 new SUVs
Creta’s willingness to escalate tensions
Will launch 6 new SUVs in 3 years

maruti suzuki upcoming suv
maruti suzuki upcoming suv

The country’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki is looking to increase its market share in the Indian automobile market. For this, Maruti will launch a large range of SUV cars in India in 2022. The company’s market share fell to 44.7 percent in December.

The company will launch 6 SUVs in 3 years

The company is planning to launch 6 new SUVs in India in 3 years. This includes Maruti’s 4.4 lengths mid-size SUV. In addition, the Jimny Lifestyle SUV will be launched in the next financial year.

There is good news for consumers who buy cilantro. The company will launch the car with CNG by the end of January. The CNG version of this car will get even more mileage. It is believed that this car will get 30 km per liter mileage. This Upcoming CNG model is going to be more fuel-efficient.

It is currently the highest mileage car in the country. This car gives a mileage of 26.8 km per liter. The new Maruti Cillario is the first car to come with the company’s next-generation K10C petrol engine. Unfortunately this engine will be used in other Maruti Suzuki models in the future. This engine generates 65bhp of power and 89Nm of torque. The car has been launched with 5-speed manual gearbox and AMT. This car has 5th HEARTEC technology.



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