Good News! 9 Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022 are ready to be launched this year

Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022
Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022

There will be many options, This 9 Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022 are ready to be launched this year

Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022
Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022

Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022 ” Whether it’s an electric car or an electric bike or a scooter, there is a huge demand from consumers. So companies are launching electric vehicles. If you want to buy a new electric scooter this year, there are many options available in the market for you. Because this year the cheapest electric scooters with modern features are going to be launched in the market. Here is the detailed information about which company’s electric scooters will be launched in India this year i.e. in 2022. Various companies in India are preparing to launch their electric scooters in 2022. According to the information received so far, 9 electric scooters are ready to be launched in the country. Find out in detail about the price of this electric scooter and the mileage of that scooter.

1) Vida and Suzuki Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022

Vida Electric Scooter

Hero MotoCorp is all set to launch its electric scooter Vida this year. According to the information received, this electric scooter was teased in August 2021. Not much is known about this electric scooter. The electric scooter is expected to be launched in March.

Suzuki Burgman Street Electric

Suzuki Bergman Street Electric has been spied on several times during testing. Suzuki’s electric scooter is almost ready. No other information related to the battery, range performance of this scooter has come to light. It is speculated that this scooter may be the most electric scooter in the country.

2) Okinawa Oki90 and Komaki Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022

Okinawa Oki90 electric scooter

The Okinawa Oki90 electric scooter could be launched earlier this year. Like the Oki100, this scooter can give a speed of 90 kmph and a range of 175 to 200 kmph. There is a lot of curiosity about this electric scooter.

Komaki Venice electric scooter

Komaki Electric Vehicle is planning to launch its new electric scooter. It is named Komaki Venice. The Venice will be a high speed electric scooter. It is ready to launch in 10 different color variants. This scooter is expected to launch at a cheaper price.

3) Wolfury and Finesse Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022


The electric scooter Wolfury can reach a top speed of 50 km per hour. Made of high tensile steel and aluminum alloy valve hub. These scooters are lightweight. It weighs only 80 kg (without a battery). It is priced at Rs 89,999. Up to 150 km on a single charge.


Electric scooter Finesse, 60 km per hour. It has zero to 100 percent charging time in 4 hours with swappable battery option. The model comes with a 12 tube brushless control model with a clip fix function. It is priced at Rs 99,999.

4) Elite and Nexzu Mobility Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022

Nexzu Mobility

Nexzu Mobility is focusing on developing its 100% Made in India EV Mobility in Pune. So the country is focusing on competitive prices and low lead export quality products. The company is expected to launch some products this year.


Gurgaon-based electric vehicle manufacturer startup which was started in 2019. Three premium model scooters Elite, Finesse, and Wolfury are ready to launch. The electric scooter Elite accelerates to 80 kmph with a maximum weight of 200 kgs. The price is 1 lakh 29 thousand 999 rupees. The range of this scooter is up to 110 km.

5) HOP LEO Upcoming Electric Scooters 2022


This electric scooter is available in three variants. It consists of three variants LYF Basic, LYF, and LYF Extended. Which was launched in 2021. Both HOP LEO, LYF models come with a 125 km range. The LEO Extended electric motor can simultaneously generate up to 2700W of mechanical power. So LYF Extended is capable of generating up to 2000W.

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