2024 KTM RC 125 Price in India, EMI Plan, Engine, Mileage and Stunning Looks


When it comes to sports bikes that deliver race-inspired thrills, the 2024 KTM RC 125 stands out as a remarkable option. This exceptional bike is the latest creation from KTM, a collaboration between KTM and Bajaj Auto, and it’s based on the highly acclaimed KTM RC 125 launched in 2023. In this article, we’ll delve into the 2024 KTM RC 125 features, specifications, pricing, and the latest news surrounding this race-bred beauty.

Unveiling the Power Within


At the heart of the 2024 KTM RC 125 lies a robust 124.7 cc BS6 Phase 2 engine, unleashing a formidable power of 14.34 bhp and a torque of 12 Nm. This liquid-cooled engine, equipped with a four-valve DOHC head and fuel injection, powers through a six-speed manual transmission with a slipper clutch, ensuring seamless gear shifts. Noteworthy enhancements include a larger airbox to boost lower-end torque and a revised radiator for optimal engine cooling.

Covering More Ground with Every Drop


Impressively, the 2024 KTM RC 125 achieves a user-reported mileage of 37 kmpl, a commendable figure for a sports bike. With a capacious fuel tank boasting a 13.7-liter capacity, this bike not only goes further but also faster and longer. Its lightweight frame and aerodynamic bodywork contribute to a low fuel consumption rate.

2024 KTM RC 125 Price in India

EMI, Downpayment, Interest Rate, Ex-showroom Price, and On-road Price

For those intrigued by the financial aspects, the 2024 KTM RC 125 comes with an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1,89,629 in India. The on-road price may vary based on your location, with an approximate cost of Rs. 2,10,000. Delving into financing options, the following table provides insights into EMI, downpayment, and interest rates for various loan amounts and tenures:

Loan AmountInterest RateTenureEMIDownpayment
Rs. 1,50,0009.7%36 monthsRs. 4,803Rs. 60,000
Rs. 1,50,0009.7%48 monthsRs. 3,787Rs. 60,000
Rs. 1,75,0009.7%36 monthsRs. 5,603Rs. 35,000
Rs. 1,75,0009.7%48 monthsRs. 4,417Rs. 35,000

Please note that these figures are indicative, and the actual EMI, downpayment, and interest rate may vary based on individual factors like credit score and income.

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Stay Updated: The Latest News on 2024 KTM RC 125

News Summary

Since its grand debut in October 2023, the 2024 KTM RC 125 has consistently grabbed headlines. Here are some of the latest news updates:

  • The bike has received rave reviews from both critics and customers, praising its stellar performance, handling, styling, and innovative features.
  • Comparative analyses with rivals such as the Yamaha YZF R15 V3 and the Suzuki Gixxer SF 150 have been a common theme, covering specifications, price points, and distinctive features.

The Thrill Continues: A Closing Note


In conclusion, the 2024 KTM RC 125 emerges as an exceptional choice for riders seeking the exhilaration of racing on both the street and track. With a potent engine, sporty design, comfortable ride, and advanced features, all wrapped up in an affordable package, this bike delivers on its promise of a thrilling experience.


Is the KTM RC 125 suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! While it offers a powerful performance, its design and features make it accessible for riders of various skill levels.

What sets the KTM RC 125 apart from its competitors?

The KTM RC 125 stands out with its race-bred features, innovative design, and a compelling blend of performance and affordability.

Can I customize the KTM RC 125 to enhance its appearance?

KTM offers a range of customization options, allowing riders to personalize their RC 125 for a unique look.

How does the KTM RC 125 handle on the track?

With its improved handling and ergonomic design, the KTM RC 125 offers a smooth and thrilling experience on the track.

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