2024 Kawasaki Z H2 EMI Plan: The Stunning Supercharged Beast

Unleashing the Beast: Introduction to Kawasaki Z H2

If you’re in the market for a superbike that can tap into your inner beast, look no further than the Kawasaki Z H2. This Japanese manufacturer’s flagship streetfighter seamlessly combines the might of a supercharged engine with the agility of a naked bike. In this detailed Blog Post, I Will Cover the 2024 Kawasaki Z H2 EMI, features, specifications, price, and the latest updates on the Kawasaki Z H2 and its premium variant, the Z H2 SE.

Engine and Performance: Power Unleashed

2024 Kawasaki Z H2 EMI Plan
2024 Kawasaki Z H2 EMI Plan

At the heart of the Kawasaki Z H2 lies a robust 998 cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke, in-line four-cylinder engine, featuring a supercharger. This technological marvel enhances power and torque by forcing more air into the combustion chamber. The result is awe-inspiring — a whopping 200 PS of maximum power at 11,000 rpm and 137 Nm of peak torque at 8,500 rpm. The engine is paired with a six-speed transmission, equipped with an assist and slipper clutch, along with a bi-directional quickshifter. Additionally, the bike boasts three power modes (Full, Middle, and Low), empowering riders to tailor the power output to various riding conditions.

Mileage and Fuel Capacity: Balancing Power and Efficiency

Despite its powerful performance, the Kawasaki Z H2 maintains a decent fuel tank capacity of 19 liters. The claimed mileage is around 12 kmpl, subject to variations based on riding style and mode. The bike incorporates an Eco Riding Indicator, providing real-time feedback to riders adopting an economical riding approach.

2024 Kawasaki Z H2 EMI Plan

2024 Kawasaki Z H2 EMI Plan
2024 Kawasaki Z H2 EMI Plan

Owning the Kawasaki Z H2 comes at a price. The standard variant is priced at Rs 23.48 lakh, while the SE variant demands Rs 27.76 lakh. The on-road price may fluctuate based on the state and city of purchase. Consider the example below for the standard variant’s EMI, downpayment, interest rate, and total amount payable in Delhi.

EMIDownpaymentInterest RateTotal Amount Payable
Rs 64,288Rs 4.70 lakh6%Rs 27.14 lakh

EMI values may differ based on the loan amount, tenure, and buyer’s credit score. Buyers also have the flexibility to choose varying downpayment and interest rate options from different financial institutions.

News Summary: 2024 Updates and Competition

2024 Kawasaki Z H2 EMI Plan
2024 Kawasaki Z H2 EMI Plan

In 2024, the Kawasaki Z H2 and Z H2 SE have undergone updates. They now comply with OBD2 norms for emission control. The standard Z H2 boasts a Metallic Carbon Grey with Ebony color scheme, while the SE variant features Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Grey with Ebony color, accentuated by green highlights on the frame and engine cowl. The SE variant introduces Showa Skyhook Technology for electronically controlled suspension and Brembo Stylema calipers for enhanced braking performance. These bikes enter fierce competition with other super naked bikes like the Ducati Streetfighter V4 and BMW S 1000 R in the Indian market.

Conclusion: Unleash Your Riding Experience

In wrapping up this exploration of the Kawasaki Z H2, it’s evident that this superbike is not merely a mode of transportation; it’s an experience. With a potent engine, impressive mileage, and stylish design, the Z H2 embodies power and style on two wheels.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is the Kawasaki Z H2 suitable for beginners?

A: The Z H2 is designed for experienced riders due to its powerful engine and performance.

Q: What are the key features that set the Z H2 SE apart from the standard variant?

A: The Z H2 SE comes with Showa Skyhook Technology and Brembo Stylema calipers, offering enhanced suspension and braking performance.

Q: Can the power modes be changed on the go?

A: Yes, the Kawasaki Z H2 allows riders to switch between power modes while riding.

Q: How does the Kawasaki Z H2 compare to its competitors in terms of price?

A: While the Z H2 is relatively expensive, its features and performance make it a competitive choice in the super naked bike segment.

Q: Are there any color options available for the standard Z H2?

A: Yes, the standard Z H2 comes in a Metallic Carbon Grey with Ebony color scheme.

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